For those who know us on Twitter and discuss about hockey with us, you probably know already that Lynda is a relative of Max Pacioretty.

We announced this scoop in december 2011 when mother-in law of Lynda, Danielle Mailloux-Poirier, made this discovery while conducting genealogy research for her own Mailloux family.



We publish today the proof that this scoop was true.


Lynda Savoie and Max Pacioretty are really family relatives.

In fact, Lynda Savoie is from the same generation as Max parents’, Raymond Pacioretty and Anna Kolenda.

Likewise, the mother of Raymond Pacioretty, Thérèse Savoie, is from the same generation as Lynda’s father, Joseph Irénée Savoie.

To know more about the genealogy tree of the Savoie family, we invite you to click on the picture above.


Danielle Mailloux-Poirier is presently conducting more genealogy research in order to learn more about Lynda and Max ancestors.



We will publish other posts in the future to display upcoming findings of Danielle on Lynda and Max families !!!





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