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“Dad, you got to get on twitter.  A lot of the Canadian Players are on it!”


My son @chrisadiens said.


He was very excited as he continued, “PK Subban, Brian Gionta, Hal Gill and Max Pacioretty are on it and you can follow them and see what they tweet to each other!”


He went on further to explain that some of my fellow posters on the “Hockey Inside Out” Blog were also on Twitter.


I understood some of what he was saying but I also had a lot of questions as sometime those of my generation can have when speaking to people in his generation.


For instance, what is a twitter ?  What is a follow ?

What the hell is a tweet ?


That is how my career on Twitter began !


So I signed up and my Son helped me find people of note to follow.


Now what the tweeter world thinks of following is not like stalking.  It’s where people can see your tweets.


Now tweets are things you type into twitter so your followers can see.

I call it twitter tweets.


You can even retweet a twitter tweet.


Not everybody you see on twitter is nice.


There are mean people and some women who promise to do things to you that will make you blush.  Sometimes they even send a nice picture so you can see how pretty they are.

These are called “porn blots”.


Now don’t despair, because on twitter, you can “block” people from following you.  I block all the pretty women with pictures and all mean people.  Now blocking is a two way street.

Other people can block you too so my advice to you is to not be mean and do not send naked pictures to other people.


You should be OK then.


There are lots of famous people on twitter.  Some of my most exciting days have been when a famous person sends me a twitter tweet.  I immediately call and text everyone I know to tell them that Claire B Lang, Tony Marinaro, Dave Stubbs, or Geoff Molson just tweeted me.


Sometimes people are mean to Mr. Molson and Mr. Marinaro and they get blocked.


« I think Mr. Marinaro blocks a lot of people.  Tony must have a lot of mean followers or naked women followers.« 


It’s also exciting when you get a “Direct Message” that only you can see! They call those a DM.  It’s cool to get several DM’s a day.


Sadly, I’ve only had a few DM’s in my life :-(


In the twitter world, they have a very unique way of communicating. To save space they use a series of letters to express something.


Some examples are LMAO (laughing my a@@ off), LOL (laughing out loud), TY (thank you), NP (no problem).  I use to ask my son what they meant but I discovered that you can do a google search and they’ll tell you what that stuff means.


They also use symbols a lot on twitter to send messages.


Things like …

:P (sticking your tongue out)

:D (happy)

:) (smiley face)

… You can look those up too but I knew what the smiley face was.


There is a one symbol  #

… that means you’ve “tagged” something.  I am not sure what that means but if enough people do this “#” you get on some sort of a list or something.  I think that’s good.



My favorite tag used to be “fireJM” and it worked because Jacques Martin did get fired and I think it made that list.




Now a lot of people are doing #firePG but I don’t think it made the list yet.




I have a lot of friends, I mean followers, on twitter now.  Most of them are fellow Montreal Canadien Fans with a few NASCAR and New York Met fans sprinkled in.


We tweet on twitter a lot about the team, its players, and what they need to do to get better.


It’s pretty exciting cause you can include Geoff Molson in your tweet and he can see it.  I am pretty sure that we’ve all provided a lot of help for him as he tries to improve his team.


« He’s never responded to any of my tweets but I think since I haven’t been blocked so he must like my suggestions. »


I have twitter followers that are young and old, male and female.


I have some who tweet in French.

Sometimes I like to retweet those French tweets to my followers  … so they’ll think I am smart !


Sometimes you don’t even know who or what your followers are.  It doesn’t matter to me as long as they’re not mean and don’t send me those naked pictures.


Twitter is where I met the operators of this blog, @LyndaSavoie and @St_Poirier and they are very nice people !


I’ve met a lot of interesting people on twitter.

OK, now let me tell you about facebook.

Wait.  I gotta go.

I just got a DM.




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