Famous Habs Fans


October 15, 2012. Post Written by James Laplante. You can follow him on Twitter @JimLaPlante



I post frequently on the Montreal Gazette Hockey Inside Out site.


I enjoy chatting with other Montreal Canadien fans.


Today I was going to write a NHL preseason piece with predictions from some of my fellow Hockey Inside Out posters, Habinburlington, L Elle, CHrisadiens, along with the owners of this site Stephane and Lynda.


Due to the lockout I’ve chosen to do something a bit different.



As a Montreal Canadien fan I thought it’d be fun to see how many famous people share my love for the most storied franchise ever!


I was amazed to find a great number of actors, singers, rock and roll stars, and sports celebrity that share the fandom of the Habs.


Here are the ones who made my list.


The actor who played Bania on Seinfeld is a Habs fan.  His real name is Steve Hytner.  Not sure about Jerry although I know he is a N.Y. Met fan.   He is actually a minority owner of that team.

Some other actors who are believed to be Hab fans:

  • Jon Voight – Oscar winning actor
  • Cheryl Hines – Larry David’s wife on Curb your Enthusiasm
  • Sam Waterson – Law and Order
  • George Stroumboulopulos – Host of CBC’s “The Hour”
  • Danny DeVito – Actor, famous for his roll in the series “Taxi”
  • Viggo Mortensen – Lord of the Rings
  • William Shatner – Star Trek
  • Kiefer Sutherland – 24 and Stand by Me
  • Seann William Scott – The boy who liked Stifler’s Mom in American Pie.  J
  • Will Farrell – Ricky Bobby!
  • Pamela Adlon – Bobby’s voice on “King of the Hill”
  • Carson Daily – Late Night show HOST
  • Dan Aykroyd – SNL Actor
  • Ethan Hawke – Actor


I found many musicians who like the Habs.  John Mayer is a huge fan of Les Canadiens.


Other fans from the music industry include:


  • Wyclef Jean – Rapper and songwriter
  • Chris Martin – Coldplay
  • Fred Durst – Limp Bizkit
  • David Gilmour – Pink
  • Tre Cool – Green Day Drummer
  • Shania Twain – Singer/songwriter
  • Celine Dion – Singer
  • Simple Plan – Montreal punk rock band
  • Chris Martin – Singer ColdPlay


There are a huge number of athletes and sports celebrities who root for the bleu blanc and rouge.  It is said that Hulk Hogan is among us.


Some other fans from the world of sports:

  • Joe Buck – MLB announcer
  • Mike Piazza – Former NY Met and LA Dodger star
  • Eddie George – Former Tennessee Titan running back
  • Georges St. Pierre – UFC Star
  • Steve Kariya – Paul Kariya’s brother
  • Erwin “Cannonball” Baker – Former NASCAR Star
  • Tommy Lasorda – Former LA Dodger Manager
  • Sidney Crosby – Well, probably not anymore.


I won’t list politicians as we all know they’re like weather vanes and will change directions at a moment’s notice.


However, no list would be complete without mentioning perhaps the greatest Montreal Canadien fan today.  That would be our old friend from the days of the Montreal Expos, Youppi.  You can find Youppi at all Montreal home games cheering his boys on.


No matter what team you root for I think I speak for all fans when I say, let’s hope this stupid lockout ends soon.


Go Habs Go!


Do you have any famous Habs fans ? We’d love to hear about it !!!



From Goalie to Championship Dancer


Kosta Papoulias is a Writer, Producer and Radio Personality on Montreal Hockey Talk and Parlons Hockey, part of the fan radio network.

His daughter Kristina recently had a wonderful story hapenning in her life … We asked Kosta to publish this story on our blog … he acknowledged without hesitation !!!

We invite you to follow Kosta on Twitter @HabsCoachK


September 11th, 2012


Since the age of 4, my youngest daughter, Kristina, has been a hockey goaltender. As a hockey coach myself, I was very proud of her accomplishments in goal.


Former Montreal Canadiens’ forward, P.J. Stock had even nicknamed her “The Wall.”


She has an ultra-competitive spirit, and tries her best at everything she does.


Two years ago, she asked my wife and I if she could try hip-hop dancing. Since she always had a good grasp of rhythm, my wife and I signed her up at Elite Dance Academy in Ile-Perrot.

That first year, her sense of pride and accomplishment shined, as she impressed both myself and my wife with her dance moves and everything she learned in a single year.


At the end of her recital, without consulting my wife, I gave her a choice. She could either continue with both hockey and dance, or enroll the following year on the Elite Competitive Dance team.


She immediately, without thinking, wanted to do competitive dance. While part of me was disappointed, I was really proud of her passion, and supported her 100%.


At the auditions, her dance instructors both immediately gave her a place of the Competition team, before giving a single other dancers a confirmation that they made the team.


We didn’t realize it at the time, but that was just a sign of things to come.


The Elite Competition team enrolled itself in 3 competitions. The first was the Canadian Regional Dance Championships in La Prairie. Our daughter not only performed with the junior hip-hop troupe, but she had been practicing a solo hip-hop routine, named “The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air”.


The Regionals was a tough start for Kristina. Her team dance scored a Gold trophy, which in competitive terms is like getting a bronze medal, and her solo dance only got her silver.


While we, as well as our daughter, were not disappointed, her teachers were. They thought the judging was quite harsh, and vowed that it would be the only time she would ever score that low.


The second competition was scheduled for Gatineau, and the Shine Dance Competition. Kristina’s instructors immediately went to work making improvements to both the group and solo routines.


The fruits of their labour turned into a High Gold trophy, for both groups.


Only the best was yet to come.


After getting the judges remarks, both routines were again tweaked, in preparation for Elite’s final competition, the Showstopper Regional Dance Championships in Edison, New Jersey.


My wife and I, having watched some TV programs that highlighted different dance troupes in the US, were prepared to comfort our daughter, almost assured that she would be disappointed. How wrong we were? The Junior hip-hip troupe surprised everyone by winning their division and placing 2nd overall.

The biggest surprise came when Kristina’s solo routine won her division and 10th overall, meaning that both dances qualified for the Showstopper National Dance Championships in Anaheim, California.

In the 6 weeks that remained prior to the competition in California, Kristina’s instructors put new components into her group routine, as well as completely redid her solo routine.


It’s a lot to ask of a 9 year old, but it needed to be done to give her a fighting chance of placing in the competition.


Again, my wife and I tried to protect our daughter, like good parents do. Not only did we schedule 3 days at Disneyland, we drove to Hollywood, as well as taking a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway.


We made pit stops in Huntington Beach, Santa-Monica and Malibu. We thought regardless of her results, it would be a trip our little one would never forget.

On Thursday, July 19th, the junior team was up first. The group hip-hop dance went as well as could be expected. There were  16 teams involved in 3 different divisions. The dance, titled “The Junior Mafia” won their division and 9th overall nationally. An amazing result!


Kristina’s group dance was on Saturday, July 21st, at 10:00 AM.


My wife and I had no idea what to expect, having only seen bits and pieces of her routine while she practiced at home.

As the music came on, we felt there was something brewing. It was completely different from her previous routines. Her routine included a one-handed cartwheel, some moves from Beyonce’s videos and it ended in a full split in the middle of the stage.


My wife and I turned to her instructor, who had tears flowing down her cheeks.

While we still didn’t know how she would place, we knew she had nailed it.


It was time for the awards.

Kristina was alone on stage, but a team from New York joined Kristina where she was sitting.

We could hear them tell her how amazed they were with her routine.


It gave me goose bumps.


It came time for Kristina’s category, which had 6 divisions and 64 solo performers.

The odds of her placing were really slim, but we all had our fingers crossed. Regardless of the result, we were all proud of our little girl.



The announcer got to the Junior Hip-Hop Advanced category, and Kristina won it, scoring a Double Platinum, the highest trophy you could get for a solo.

Then came the overall scores….Kristina placed 9th out of 64 competitors, and we all went crazy.

I mean, how often does a first year competitor get that high a score?

We were assured by the competitions organizers, almost never!!!!


A slow start, but an incredible finish to a year we’ll never forget. Our daughter went from silver to double platinum in a single year. And now, with hockey way in the rear view mirror, Kristina had added competitive Jazz to her repertoire.


It’s going to be another busy year, but it’s all worth it !!!


Will Rap 4 Food | Hunger Kills … Hip-Hop Heals


Will Rap 4 Food, Inc. is a grassroots organization formed by « Rap-tivist » Calvin « Pro’Verb » Roberson in an effort to remove the negative connotation surrounding the hip hop community.




By partnering with the Capital Area Food Bank, the largest public nonprofit hunger/nutrition resource in DC, Will Rap 4 Food aims to eradicate hunger in the DC metropolitan area.

Hunger’s negative effects can be seen in school, at work, and at home. Children have a diminished capacity to learn; adults can’t work as effectively; and seniors are more prone to illness.


Will Rap 4 Food isn’t only an effort to bring together local DC artist, but to change the face of hip-hop culture entirely. Providing an outlet for artists to showcase their work for a cause dear to their community will not only promote unity amongst the hip hop communtiy, it’ll promote unity amongst people in general.




Follow Will Rap 4 Food, Inc. on Twitter for campaign updates, hunger statistics, and inspiration.

Share the movement with your followers and help Will Rap 4 Food build!




For every $1 donated, Will Rap 4 Food, Inc. can help the Capital Area Food Bank provide 3 meals. 100% of monetary donations will go to the CAFB.





Like Will Rap 4 Food, Inc. on Facebook for sponsored volunteer opportunities and highlights or post your own personal contributions to the movement!


WillRap4Food Benefit Concert 2012 Edition is in december.

Date & Location will be announced soon !



@WillRap4FoodInc + @RespectTheYouth =

#Food4Thought Back 2 School Tour 2012

Team WR4F & Respect The Youth

Respect The Youth will speak on the importance of teamwork and giving back to our communities; Team WR4F will perform a hip hop concert

Prior to launch of a 1-week food drive at each school to benefit the local community food bank

DC-MD-VA Schools

To inspire and instill the significance of team work, community service and advocacy, and empower youth to give back to their communities


Team WR4F and Respect The Youth will deliver a motivational speech in conjunction with a concert at a school assembly prior to launch of a 1-week food drive in order to generate motivation and excitement in the youth about giving back to their communities.


Dates will be coordinated with the host school. Food drive activities will be coordinated and administered by Will Rap 4 Food, Inc. with respective local charities.
Team WR4F artists and performances are pre-screened for age-appropriate content.


Respect The Youth speaker topics are general self-improvement and good citizenship. School administrators may review performance songs and/or speaker topics prior to event by request.

Please contact for interest in hosting the #Back2Basics School Tour at your school or for more information.



Lessons we can learn from Lennon


Marjorie Clayman is a friend of us. She is also a famous blogger, writing about marketing and social causes. We invite you to read this awesome post she wrote in memory of John Lennon & the lessons we can learn from his life work.

December 9, 2011

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the killing of John Lennon. It seems hard to believe that John Lennon’s life ended this way, and for no good explicable reason. He did not want to become a martyr for any of his many causes. He was just getting back into writing music and was building his life with Yoko and their son, Sean. It seemed like he was trying to build a relationship with his son Julian, and he was trying to reconnect with his sisters, whom he had mostly run away from since their mother’s death. It does indeed seem strange that withall of that positivity building, John Lennon had to be cut down and cut out of this world by a crazy person.


That being said, his death is probably not what Lennon would want us to think about today. I suspect he would have wanted us to look at his life and see what we could garner from that. There is nothing we can learn from a crazy person’s motivations, after all, except that there is no such thing as “too careful.”


The following are lessons I pull from this man’s life. Maybe you can add some to the list, too.



Take care of yourself first



Although it probably fueled his creativity and music, John Lennon was in anguish for most of his life, and through all of his years of crazy celebrity and his very public life, there was always an immense load of baggage that John carried. A rough childhood led to his mother’s death when John was 18. When he was 21 his best friend died, and then the whirlwind of Beatlemania took over his life. Through it all, until he was in his late 30s, John didn’t really deal with his darkness. Who knows what this may have cost him. John would not find peace in his own life or beyond it until he dealt with his demons, and he was not able to connect with his wife or sons until he found that peace.


Lesson: A person who is drowning cannot save another.



Take care of the people who love you



Although you might call to mind songs like Imagine or Give Peace a Chance when you think of John Lennon, his personal life was almost anything but peaceful until his last five years on this planet.

Over the last few years, Julian Lennon has expressed his very complex feelings about his father, who was never around and who completely ditched Julian and Cynthia once Yoko came into the picture. John’s relationship with Paul McCartney soured, too, and there were many instances when drugs or drunkenness made Lennon seem like a far cry from a Peace-nik. For some, this tarnishes much of the good that Lennon did in his public life.


Lesson: Practice what you preach with those nearest to you, then bring it out into the world.



PR for a good cause is good PR indeed



A lot of people thought John and Yoko’s “Bed-ins” were pretty ridiculous, but what they didn’t grasp is that their ridicule, so long as it remained public, accomplished exactly what John and Yoko wanted – it got people to talk about world peace. Supporting a good cause doesn’t always have to mean doing a fundraiser. If you can find a way to bring the issue to people, especially with all of the online tools available, you can accomplish a great deal.


Lesson: Talking about a problem is the first step in solving that problem



You don’t need to throw a parade every time you do something nice



Although Lennon certainly understood how to use media and PR to bring issues into peoples’ homes, there was a lot he did that was completely under the radar. He and Yoko Ono donated thousands of dollars to different organizations, often anonymously (we know now).  Given how much negative feeling the couple attracted, it would have been easy enough for them to say, “Hey, look at this great thing we did!” But they didn’t.


Lesson: Examine your reasons for doing social good. Is it about you or about the people you’re trying to help?



Dreaming isn’t stupid



One part of Lennon’s complexity is that while he was very bitter about a lot of things, he was also, in a lot of ways, an idealist. He really believed that the world could be as one. He really believed race and religion and ethnicity and creed could become irrelevant in terms of judging a person’s character. This did not represent a flaw in Lennon’s character but rather showed the source of his great passion. With enough work, it seemed like his dreams could come true.


Lesson: If everyone starts dreaming the same dream, the world really could be as one.



Use great power for great good



This is what I admire most about John Lennon, for all of his flaws. No one had really experienced the kind of fame that the Beatles experienced in the early to mid-1960s. Elvis and Dylan were up there, but it wasn’t quite the same level of craziness. Lennon, by his own admission, went through what he called his “fat Elvis” period, where he and Paul would sit down to “Write a swimming pool.” But unlike a lot of stars, Lennon realized that he could use this immense power to shine the spotlight on issues that were ripping apart the world.

Audrey Hepburn did the same thing, using her fame to give strength to UNICEF. Today, many stars use their power to spread social good, but it doesn’t need to be that kind of power alone. If you have thousands of people following you on Twitter, use that power for good. If you have thousands of blog subscribers, that is power that can be used for good. It’s worth thinking about.


Lesson: With great power comes great responsibility. It’s a privilege to have both.



What lessons do you draw from John Lennon’s life? What do you mark on this anniversary of his death?


Marjorie Clayman’s Blog

Montréal in Top 10 ‘Hip Cities’ in the World


According to an article published on November 17, 2011 in the NY Times, Montreal is amongst the Top 10 « Hip Cities » in the World.

Here is what the NY Times said in the article:


The story of young people, full of ambition, energy, skill and talent, moving to enticing cities that call to them like a siren’s song is as old as modern civilization. And in a world where national borders are easier to traverse, where more countries are joining the prosperous global middle class and where the cost of a one-way plane ticket is more affordable, young professionals probably have more cities to choose from than ever before.


This survey is not based solely on quality of life, number of trees or the cost of a month’s rent. Instead, we examine some cities that aim to be both smart and well managed, yet have an undeniably hip vibe.


Our pick of cities that are, in a phrase, both great and good

        • Auckland, New Zeland
        • Berlin, Germany
        • Barcelona, Spain
        • Cape Town, South Africa
        • Copenhagen, Denmark
        • Curitiba, Brazil
        • Montréal, Canada
        • Santiago, Chili
        • Shanghai, China
        • Vilnius, Lithuania
Here is what the NY times said about Montréal in that same article:


“With its hearty French and North American mix, this city of 3.6 million has a real soul thanks to low living costs and long winter evenings. And it is no slouch when it comes to good food, hip culture, well-appointed museums and efficient transportation.


With four major universities and plenty of bars, the nightlife in this bilingual city has a well-deserved reputation. Because the winters tend to be long and cold, the city possesses an extensive underground network connecting several downtown malls and a subterranean arts quarter.


When spring finally does arrive, and snow is cleared from the many bike paths, the city puts out its 3,000 short-term-rental bicycles, known as Bixi. City-sponsored community gardens are sprouting around town, giving urbanites a chance to flex their green thumb.

Montreal is an incredibly active town where festivals celebrating everything from jazz to Formula One dominate the city’s calendar during the summer.



Thanks to Mount Royal, a large central park and cemetery that serves as cross-country, snowshoe and ice-skating terrain in the winter and becomes a verdant picnic ground and gathering spot in the summer, Montrealers never have to leave city limits.”

So, we just wanna say to our US Friends : Let’s Go Guys … Come visit us in Montréal !

And Why not join us at the Bell Center to feel the frenzy of a hockey game with our Montréal Canadiens


Read NY Times full article here